Being Practical

This incident is about 6 years old. When i was in school I used to be topper in mathematics class. One day me and my grandpa went to our farm. Our farm is so big, around 40 acres. There was an abandoned well.near the well there, i found one bunch up rope. My grandpa said to me please son open this rope. The rope was bunch up together allegedly. I was not able to open the rope and throw in well. My grandpa shouted at me and slapped me and said to me : “son mathematics are not only for studying from books and exams. Mathematics are also used for our common lifemanship and you’re next the leader of our society and society problems are so complex and unintelligible. So be Practical In Life”



Heal everything then Fuck everythig around me

Life is Tooo short. 

Welcome to my fucking world, bull shit fucking people

I Just Hate the world around me and hate everything I see.

My life is too short ,so all my enemies if u r thinking of messing with me then I gonna Fuck all of you.

Then I gonna ride your sister and horny mom with my long 10 itch Dick … Of course my dick is long

Everyone keep disliking me I don’t care Fuck off people.

Just give me only few hours of plain sailing weather and I’ve fucked up every little god damn thing

Don’t cross your limit  people my goal is straight

I don’t care who I’m, but I know I’m king of Fuck

Everything should be not normal without Fuck and all.

So I Fuck every bitches in the world who hate my fucking face. 

Now time to Fuck god who makes me feel guilty

Just give me only few hours of plain sailing weather and I’ve fucked up every little god damn thing

Sometimes I feel like giving up but I remember I have lots of motherfucker to prove wrong

Scoring gaanja

Me and my special friend went an afternoon for taking gaanja. It was a kind off unique experience. We were looking for ganjaas here n there but there was no one who sells gaanja. Then near a temple, we saw two childrens playing together. Meanwhile our search for gaanja seller was still going on.suddenly one of those boys told us“bhaiya jo aap dhund rahe ho wo yaha nahi milega. Peepal ke ped ke paas milega“.the boy was nearly 4 years old This incident happened 1 years ago but whenver i remember this incident feels as if this one happened with me today. And by the way i don’t take this gaanjas and all. So please don’t misunderstand me at all. Thanks JIAN for making this a memorable experience. Wont forget this one forever..

A Page Of My Diary

Today i saw a girl on insta. Shes pretty liitle girl with a great smile .. I was checking the feeds on Instagram n suddenly i saw her pic and she had left a comment and the comment was all about her snapchat username. Her snapchat username’s last 4 digit was matching with my atm pin . That time i was a little bit shocked but then i liked 3 pics of her and sent her a insta direct message . I asked about her , then she said that shes just 14 and i said fine. That time everything was going normal just like a steady flow. She then sent me a insta message. my internet was fucking slow .loading loading… and it bored me.suddenly picture loaded and i saw her with her boy friend .. I asked her bf name and she said he’s also gujju or “ap log jante ho i love gujarati people ” then i end the chat. after 3 or 4 weeks later i did have a chat with her and asked his bf age and “aa vakhate g fatti gai mari” she said he was 21 years old engineering student. that time i was totally fucked up but still i chatted with her .. Slowly slowly and i got to know that they are good,faithful,couple in this world. I love them. still they are stranger for me. they also belong to my city Mumbai. they might be stranger for me but its fine. i love strangers bcoz strangers dont lie to me like d real one does …any waykabhi do pyaar karne walo no na rokk sakegi na rokegi “..

“I opened my diary'”


June 13, 2014

I’m losing sleep
I’m losing friends
I’ve got a love hate with the city I’m in
I’ll count the hours
If I’m doing fine
There’s no point to this

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